Beltronics Vector 995 Versus Cobra XRS 9960G Radar Detectors

The Beltronics Vector 995 and Cobra XRS 9960G radar detectors are two top performing choices for protection against radars and lasers. How do these two products compare to each other? Let’look at what both models have to offer.

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Beltronics Vector 995 Radar Detector

The Vector 995 by Beltronics is a highly-sensitive detector capable of sensing microwave radar threats on all bands at an extended range. Beltronics claims that the Vector 995 has 10 times the range of imported radar detectors.

The superheterodyne, varactor-tuned receiver uses a patented digital signal processing (DSP) technique, called AutoScan, that filters clutter and false alarms handling X-band, K-band, Ku-band and the new Ka-band POP mode radar guns. The Vector 995 is equipped with a speedy processor that offers response to threats in less than a second.

The Total Tracking Laser feature of the Vector 995 provides only standard protection against laser guns, however.

The microprocessor uses flash memory and can be reprogrammed to deal with new monitoring threats. Alerts are given via warning tones, digital voice and a HD text display. The Vector 995 comes with a choice of three interchangeable faceplates to match your car’s interior. The display has brightness control and the alert volume can be muted or set to automute. There is a “City Mode” filtering that allows you to choose Low X or No X to attract less attention while travelling in urban areas. The Shadow Technology feature keeps VG2 detectors from sensing your own protective devices.

Cobra XRS 9960G Radar Detector

The XRS 9960G provides detection of all 15 radar and laser bands using Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology receivers. This detector handles seven radar signals, six laser signals and two safety signals. Protection is provided against POP mode radar guns and European Ku-band radar guns.

The LaserEye technology provides full 360 degree protection against laser tracking devices including the LTI 20-20, ProLaser, ProLaser III, Stalker LIDAR and Speedlaser.

The XRS 9960G also provides protection against the Spectre I, Spectre I/IV+ and VG-2 radar detector-detector threats. The patent-pending Intelliscope technology uses GPS to provide the driver with geographical information on the location of threats relative to your vehicle. The GPS system is used to warn drivers of speed traps, red light cameras and other threats throughout North America using the AURA™ Camera & Driving Database. This database is updated with new information on a daily basis for the life of the product. XRS 9960G allows you to program up to 1000 location-based alerts into the warning system.

XRS 9960G comes with the exclusive Strobe Alert that detects the strobe lights on emergency vehicles giving the driver advance warning. The Safety Alert feature warns drivers of nearby emergency vehicles, railroad crossings or road hazard locations that are transmitting using Cobra’s alert equipment.

The XRS 9960G has a full-color OLED display with selectable color range, and an automute and Intellimute audio alert system. The Intellimute checks vehicle speed to reduce false alarms. There is also an IntelliShield False Signal Rejection feature that allows the driver to select three different types of signal rejection for urban and rural driving.

In addition there are a lot of other features offered by this radar detector. A GPS and electronic compass allows the driver to orient themselves according to eight directional points. The GPS also provides latitude and longitude, and current vehicle speed information. The XRS 9960G can be set for city and highway modes, and the display can be set on dim mode. The Digital Signal Strength Meter gives the driver information on the distance of threats using five levels of signal strength discrimination.

Comparing the Vector 995 and XRS 9960G

The XRS 9960G is obviously much more featured than the Vector 995, but it also has about a 20 percent higher list price. The XRS 9960G might be a better choice for sports cars in Europe as it is better designed for driving threats in that region. It also allows you to easily cross borders between the United States and Canada. The XRS 9960G with its GPS features may be better for sports cars that are taken on long tours. The Vector 995 may be the better choice for cars used for more local driving.

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