Best 3 Radar Detector under $200 in 2018 (Find Review!)

When it comes to radar detectors, there are numerous choices on the market, some costing as low as $20, others as much as $600. The performance depends of course on the price, because you can’t really compare a $20 radar detector with a $600. However, in order to protect yourself from speed tickets in those mornings when you’re hurrying to get to work or to get home to your family, there are a few very good choices of radar detectors under $200 that could prove to be life savers for you.

So, without further ado, here are the best radar detectors under 200 dollars…

Best Radar Detectors Under 200 Guide

Whistler CR85 High Performance Laser-Radar Detector with Ka Max Mode

radar detectors under $200Whistler is a known brand in the radar detector industry and is known to produce quality products at reasonable enough prices so even the economical average driver can afford one. The Whistler CR85 is no exception, as it comes with a lot of features and at the relatively low price of $140, it is one of the best money can buy.

The CR85 comes with a built in technology named “Ka Max Mode” that helps eliminate the false threats more efficiently. The detecting system is able to pick up the electromagnetic waves sent by the latest speed guns the policemen use such as the LTI Truspeed S, Laser Ally and the Atlanta Stealth. The alert system includes both visual and audio alerts, the visual ones being blue in color in order to grab your attention faster. The Whistler comes with a Stay Alert feature that lets you know of any incoming hazards in order for you to drive safely and without worry. If the audio alerts are annoying, you can simply put them on the silent mode.

For $140, the Whistler CR85 is one of the greatest radar detectors under $200 that can save you a lot of money.

Cobra Vedetta Ultimate Detection Systems Series, SLR 500 Radar/Laser Detector

best radar detectors under 200Cobra is a well known producer of radar detectors and this particular model, the SLR 500 brings something new to the industry and that is the big color display designed specifically to notify you visually of any threats that may lie ahead. It can also be used to operate easier on it without having to press buttons. The audio alerts come in a human voice annunciation, so this way you no longer have to deal with the annoying robotic alerts.

The SLR 500 comes with a technology named IntelliShield that allows you to manually choose from 4 different city modes to avoid detecting all the false threats. It also uses a Supercharged Performance radar and laser detection that increases the detection range and alerts you way ahead of the speed guns.

The design is one of the best features of this radar detector and although rather small, it is definitely a change from the old typical radar detectors. The price is also reasonable, as you only have to spend $70.

Cobra Electronics XRS 9670 PRO 15-Band Ultra-High Performance Digital Radar

radar detector under 200 dollarsAnother very popular Cobra model is the XRS9670 a highly reviewed radar detector with the same classic design Cobra became popular. This particular model combines quality with a low price, perfect for the economical average driver that cannot spend a fortune, but also tries to avoid speed tickets as much as possible.

The Cobra XRS9670 is able to detect 7 types of radar signals and 6 types of laser signals. It is also able to provide a 360 degree detection, which means that it also lets you know once you passed the threat. The IntelliShield technology filters through all the electromagnetic waves the radar detected and thus it eliminates the false ones and alerts you only of the real ones. The DigiView display comes with a digital text and five digit signal strength that lets you know how close you are to the speed gun. The Strobe Alert is a feature specific for the Cobra radar detectors that alerts you when an emergency vehicle is nearby to warn you beforehand.

The Cobra XRS9670 has many more features including an AutoMute function that automatically drops the volume down after 4 seconds of alerting, an 8 point electronic compass to let you know where you are heading toward and many more. For the low price of $160, it is quite a bargain.

Find the radar detector for you? If not you can also check out some of our wireless radar detectors. They are quality radar detectors for great prices that anyone can afford.

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