What’s the Best Laser Jammer?

A laser jammer is a device the people use to prevent the laser speed guns used by the police to detect their speeds. They are different from a radar detector because the detectors do what the name suggests – they detect the electromagnetic emitted by the speed guns of the police and alert the driver of the upcoming threat. A laser jammer works differently in the sense that it emits other electromagnetic waves to confuse the speed gun. This way, the speed gun does not detect the car and the driver can continue on with the speeding without slowing down, as he would have to if he would use a radar detector.

However, although this sounds very good and perfect for those that enjoy to step on the gas pedal, it has to be remembered that in most countries all around the world, laser jammers are forbidden to be used and if a driver is caught using one, in some strict countries he will be forced to spend some time in jail, so think twice before purchasing one.

So, if you have decided that it is worth the risk, here is a list of the best laser jammers money can buy:

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Target LRC 100 radar detector / laser jammer

The Target LRC 100 acts both as a radar detector and as a laser jammer. The principle it works on is that it emits a series of pulses that are meant to confuse the laser gun of the police in such a way that it no longer detects the speed of the car for about 5 seconds, time in which the driver receives an audio and visual alert that there is a threat ahead and he has time to slow the car down.

After alerting the driver, the Target LRC 100 becomes invisible to the speed guns and thus, there is no chance for the driver to be caught. All in all, it is a great tool that can be used both as a radar detector, because it lets you know of the obstacles ahead and it can also act as a laser jammer, because it confuses the laser guns of the police long enough for you to have time to slow down and avoid getting a speed ticket.

Target LT-400

Although Target LT-400 is not specifically design to act as a laser jammer, it can be used as this. It is primarily a laser jammer system that can be used for opening garage doors and any other appliances or systems that use lasers to be activated. This is why it works very well as a laser jammer for laser speed guns used by the police when trying to catch drivers that are speeding.

It works on the same principle as the LRC 100. It emits a series of electromagnetic waves with a dual purpose, to detect the electromagnetic waves sent off by the speed guns of the police and to confuse them for a few seconds while alerting the drivers of the upcoming threat. This gives them the time to slow down and avoid getting a speed ticket.

After detecting a new set of electromagnetic waves, the LT-400 shuts itself off automatically to prevent them from detecting it.

Target LT-450

The Target LT-450 is one part of the same category as the other Target laser jammer systems and it uses the same principle as the others. This however, is the latest model and considered to be the best out of the whole brand.

It uses the same principle of confusing the laser guns of the police by sending a number of electromagnetic waves and then alerting the driver to slow down. The alerts are visual mostly through a series of LED based systems that are quite reliable. It is able to detect the laser guns, alerting the driver and switching off in order to not attract the attention of the policemen, all in eight seconds. The Target LT-450 is very easy to install and it does not show up on any type of detecting system used by the police. Due to its laser system, it can be used both for detecting the laser guns and for opening garage doors and gates. It one of our best laser jammers that does it all.

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