Best Wireless / Cordless Radar Detectors

These types of radar detectors are small, they don’t involve cables and all you have to do is plug the battery in and then attach it to your car and you can drive safely around, without a care in the world for speed guns. But what are the best types of cordless or wireless powered radar detectors?

Without further ado, here is a list of the best radar detectors that money can buy on the market today:

Escort Solo S3 Wireless Radar Detector

As the name suggests, the Escort Solo S3 is a cordless radar detector that works on 2 AA batteries or an Escort Smartcord which has to be purchased separately. Although it might not have a cord and it despite the fact that it does not require installation in the car, this model of radar detector is very good, as it can detect all sorts of threat from a long distance and alert you to slow down. It comes with programmable features which allow you to program it according to your driver style and it has a digital signal processing with 4 bit analog digital converter. The OLED display makes it easy for you to see whether the radar detected any threats ahead and it can detect any type of threats, whether coming from laser guns or the traditional guns.

The Escort Solo S3 is a bit pricey on your wallet, as it costs over $280, but if you value comfort and efficiency, you will like it.

Whistler DE1788 Wireless Radar/Laser Detector with Tri-Directional Text Display

The Whistler is a good company that makes great radar detectors. The cordless version of this radar detector works on 2 batteries and nothing else. It comes with a blue text LCD screen to let you know once it detects a new threat and 3 city and warning modes, together with a quiet mode if you just want the annoying alert to stop yelling after a while. This radar detector is capable of detecting any speed gun used by the police, including laser guns and the old types of speed guns.

Compared to the Escort, the Whistler is a lot cheaper, as it only costs under $70.

Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection

The Cobra XRS9370 is one of the best cordless detectors, and it only costs $72. It comes with a variety of features from a compact unit that detects up to 14 radar or laser bands, therefore making it impossible for anybody to catch you off guard, an UltraBright data display that lets you know the band which has been detected and, since it can detect any threat from very far away, it allows you time to slow down. For this price and all the features it brings, the Cobra XRS9370 is one of the best cordless radar detectors on the market.

Whistler Xtr-420 Battery Operated Radar Detector

The Whistler XTR-420 is a cordless radar detector that works on batteries and brings a lot of new features to help you keep away from speed tickets. The 3 city modes and highway mode reduce all the false alarms, so you will only be alerted when a real threat is incoming and the system is well developed in the sense that it can detect any type of radar and laser signals. This cordless radar detector is a little bit more expensive than the other ones, as it costs a bit more than $120, but all the features it offers definitely make it one of the best.

PNI Traveller II Cordless Radar Bilingual

This wireless radar detector comes with a special feature, and that is the voice alert which can be set in either English or Spanish. It comes with an earphone jack which means that it can be used while riding your motorcycle and it works on 2 AA batteries or a 12 volt adapter. According to the reviews, it is a great way of detecting any speed guns in the area, while also being very cheap, as it costs under $50.

Wireless / Cordless Radar Detectors

When it comes to radar detectors, we all know how they work. They detect the electromagnetic waves given off by the speed guns the policemen use. In order not to get fined for driving too fast, you buy a radar detector and you’re off. However, there is a better way of using a radar detector rather than having tons of cables all over the car and spending a lot of time installing them (often times you have to call a mechanic because you don’t even know how to do this). There is a better solution to this and it comes without any cables or wires. Yes, it’s the wireless radar detector.

Wireless Radar Detector Video on Escort Solo S3

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