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On the market of radar detectors, Cobra is known as one of the main brands that produces them. All the models the company creates are very welcomed and loved by the drivers that purchase them. On top of the high quality radar detectors Cobra offers to its customers, another advantage is that they are very cheap compared to others that offer the same level of quality and are therefore accessible to everybody, no matter the budget, that want to own a radar detector that will warn them in time of the upcoming threats.

However, Cobra produces a lot of radar detectors for all budgets and tastes so in order to help you choose the best ones that detect both the usual bands and the laser pulses from the laser guns the police use, here are the top 3 best cobra radar detector reviews listed below:

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XRS 9970G Cobra Radar Detector

One of Cobra’s best radar detectors is the XRS 9970G. It detects all laser and radar bands and comes with a built-in GPS system.  It provides a total detection with super-long range detection with the fastest response time to alert you ASAP. Another great feature about the XRS 9970G radar detectors is its VG-2 Undetectable, meaning it can’t be detected by a radar detector detector.

One thing it best known for it the free lifetime updates of their AURA Database, which will alert you on all known speed cameras, red light cameras, and speed trap location for the entire USA and Canada.

It’s a touchscreen radar detector to ensure you for the easy and fast setting changes. The Intelliview on the XRS 9970G cobra radar detector will alert you of a threat and show a picture-in-picture location with the GPS.  As well, shows you what band is being detected. All in all, this is one of Cobras best radar detectors on the market.

Cobra XRS9570 Voice Alert 14 Band Radar/Laser Detector with 360 Degree Protection and DigiView Data Display

As the name suggests, the XRS9570 Cobra model offers, among others, a 360 degrees protection against laser guns and speed guns used by the police to catch speeders. Thanks to all the technologies it comes with, the XRS9570 is able to detect 7 radar signals and 6 laser signals, offering a 360 degrees protection, which makes it one of the best radar / laser detectors on the market at this price. It is also able to detect the upcoming construction sites or hazards through the Safety Alert Traffic Warning System.

The design itself is very attractive and elegant, as it uses a DigiView display with a digital text, which makes it easier for the driver to read the signal and its strength the radar detects. Upon detecting a real signal, the voice alert function comes to life, alerting the driver through clear human voice alerts. When in urban city areas, the radar detector can be placed on the City / Highway mode which dramatically decreases the number of false threats it will consider to be real.

The bottom line is that the Cobra XRS9570 is one of the best models created by Cobra and it comes at a very low price, considering the features and the performance, at only $130. All in all, this is the best Cobra radar detector for the money.

XRS9880 Radar 16 bands Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection

As in the case of the XRS9570, the XRS9880 model is another radar detector created by Cobra that has had a lot of success on the market of radar detectors. As the name suggests, this model offers a 360 degrees protection against any type of speed gun or laser gun used by the police. It is able to detect 4 laser signals, 6 radar signals which include the X band, the K band and the Ka Superwide band and 2 safety signals, one of which is for strobe alerts.

According to the reviews, the Cobra XRS9880 Cobra model is able to detect the speed guns or the pulses given off by the laser guns from 600-1200 meters away, which is quite good for a radar / laser detector from its price range. The LED screen shows radar band the signal comes on and, as most Cobra models, it is very elegant and attractive, but at the same time, it doesn’t stand out on the dashboard of the car. The Cobra XRS9880 is able to pick up in advance any traps or hidden speed cameras and alert the driver in time for him to slow down and avoid a speed ticket.

All in all, the XRS9880 Cobra model, although a little cheaper than the usual Cobra models, is able to provide great 360-degrees protection at an affordable price for everybody.

Cobra XRS9370 Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection

The Cobra XRS9370 is another model from the XRS series that became highly popular on the market due to its low price and high quality performance when detecting radar and laser guns.  The Cobra XRS9370 is able to detect 14 laser and radar bands from afar, giving the driver enough time to step on the breaks. The city / highway modes make it easier for the driver to avoid stepping on the breaks every time the radar detector catches a laser signal coming from a door or something similar. The display is elegant and attractive, but doesn’t stand out.

The XRS9370 has all the ingredients of the XRS Cobra radar detector models and for the low price of $73, it is definitely worth every penny.

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