CB Radio Reviews: Best CB Radio of 2016

If you’re the type of person who is always on the road traveling or a trucker, having the best CB Radio is always nice to have. It’s an easy way to keep in contact with others in the area. Especially if you’re a trucker, It’s nice to be able to get a heads up on traffic jams, construction and even a warning about cops sits on different highway markers trying to catch speeders. Whatever your reasoning is for looking for some reviews on CB Radios, we have them listed for you below! Without further due, let’s check out some of the top CB Radio Reviews of 2016.

Top CB Radio Reviews 2016

PictureCB RadioPriceRating (0-5)

Galaxy DX-949 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio

Galaxy DX-2547 AM/SSB CB Base Station w/ Freq Counter, Talkback & Roger Beep

Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio With Sideband And WeatherBand (980SSB)

Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio with Instant Access 10 NOAA Weather Stations and Selectable 4 Color Display

Road King RK5640 CB Radio with USB Charging Port

AM CBs vs SSB CBs Radios

You will notice when browsing through CB Radios you will see that some of them are “AM” and some are “SBB” radios. However, both of these different types of radios will still give you full access to all 40 different CB Radio Frequencies. There’s really not a big difference between the two different types on CB radios besides the SSB gives you the ability to talk on more channels that have lower amounts of people talking. Having access to these side channels being a trucker or someone on the road a lot is always great because people tend to use these channels due to the lower amounts of people talking on them. However, if your new to CB radios, I would just recommend you getting a AM CB Radio because much easier to use for a newbie.

Advantages of having a CB on the road

When it comes to having a CB radio you can gain several different advantages of owning on within your car or truck. If your someone who’s on the road a lot and travels, It’s always a good idea to have and I’ll list some reason why below for you.

Emergencies! When travels or being a truck sometime you find yourself in places where you won’t get service on your cell phone. If you end up stranded or something along those lines and can’t get service on your cellphone having a CB radio works on different networks/frequencies than your phone will. So while you don’t have service on your phone you could easily still communicate with other that could be in the areas and depend on how good the CB radio is, matters on the distance that you can pick up communication.

Traffic updates and more. This is one of the biggest things truckers and travelers will use a CB radio. Most truckers are paid by delivers and can make more when early or lose money when late. Having a CB radio and staying ahead of traffic, accidents and construction can save you time and make you more money depending on what you do.

Watch out! The cops are ahead! If you’re a trucker then you know that they are always looking out for one another. Especially when it comes to cops. However, being a trucker you should be speeding but there are times where it’s not on purpose and having someone warn or tell you about cops sitting on the highway or where ever can warn you and make you aware of your speed.

Reviews on the Best CB Radios

We have already down all the heavy lifting for you. We spent hours and a few headaches reading several reviews from some of the most trusted and bigger websites on the web. Also spent some time reading reviews on what previous customers have said about each of these radios and find them to be the best.

Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio with Instant Access 10 NOAA Weather Stations and Selectable 4 Color Display

The Cobra 29 LX-40 CB radio is one of the best-sellers on amazon currently and you can see for yourself by clicking here. For under $100 you won’t find another radio that compared to this Cobra one. Cobra is one of the top of the line manufactures out on the market and has been in the Radio game for a long time.

With the Cobra LX-40 CB, you can adjust the color display that illuminates the front in four different colors. Also it’s got an adjustment for the brightness level for day and night driving. It also comes with easy auto-scanning for the 10 NOAA weather channels that will alerts of your weather conditions and upcoming storm alerts you should be aware of. The LX-40 CB allows your store up to 10 channels and allows your auto scan them or all 40 channel/frequencies and also a mode to stop on activity found when scanning.

All in all, for the price of this cobra CB radio it’s one of the best buys you can make. When your average quality radio cost around $150-$200 and can do the exact same with this one, why spend the extra money when you don’t have to?

>> Read the Full Review on the Cobra LX-40 Radio here! <<

The Bottom Line

It’s important to know the ins and outs of the entire CB radio before making your final decision on picking one.  My recommendation is check out the ones you like above and click the picture to read the reviews on Amazon from people who bought the exact radio that you’re interested in. Spending a few minutes to do a little research yourself never hurts. After all, we are all different and sometime have our own preference on CB radios so read the review on first-hand will give you more insight. Check out some of our latest handheld cb radio guide.

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