Reveiwing the Cobra iRadar 200 Radar Detector

Welcome the future with the Cobra Iradar 200, your eye in the sky. It sees all, you handling your business in the toilet or butchering a Katy Perry song in the shower and even as you search for diamonds in your nose with your fingers, okay maybe not all that. This futuristic techno magician is a device that detects radar messages and signals (not from bug-eyed green extra-terrestrials, well maybe if you check the right frequency).

Cobra iRadar Review

The Cobra Iradar works with the Cobra cloud servers and relay pertinent information with regards to speed traps, road blocks etc. The Cobra iRadar 200 is a top of the line detecting device that can work with both the iPhone and Android devices.

Features of the Cobra iRadar 200

  • 14 Band protections: X-Band radar, Ka-Band radar, POP mode, K-Band radar, VG-2 to name a few plus extra laser types and some additional safety alerts.
  • Promptly displays visual alerts through your phone and the rest sound through your speaker, all via iRadar app.
  • Accurate gauge on electronic speed and direction heading is efficiently provided.
  • Updates you consistently and conscientiously with the super- competent Cobra technology.
  • The unit has a 12-volt charger, a power and volume dial on the edge of the device also sports an Android toggle switch.
  • This nifty radar detector is 1.15 inches in depth, 2.92 inches in width and 4.22 inches in length.
  • Made of higher grade plastic in a matted black finish donning a sophisticated silver band-like line around its bold body.
  • The surface of the Cobra Iradar 200 has a speaker that is adequately loud and gets the job done very well; joining the speaker is a circular concaved mute button.
  • The back of the IRAD200 is a large panel radar receptor that must face the front of the vehicle when sticking the dual suction cups to the windshield.


How does the Cobra iRadar 200 work? The Cobra devices work independently to detect laser or radar signals and once recognised the alert data is the sent to the Cobra’s cloud servers (all anonymously) to be decoded. The Cobra iRadar users are in the masses and as such have formed a community that bounces as well as feeds on one another, for the betterment of each other.

This ‘real time’ method works prudently to successfully negate the network from false signals and boost the detection rate tenfold. Smartphones adds a degree of extra detection for your protection by allowing the iRadar community to interact with each other and super charges the ability to be forewarned hence forearmed against the speed cameras as well as other road user predicaments.


If you have ever felt like your entire pay check goes towards funding the traffic department then this little ‘eye’, the Cobra iRadar 200, is for you. Remember that the truth is out there…..find it before it “fines” you! The Cobra Iradar are the perfect radar detectors for people who tend to speed often and looking to help avoid getting a traffic voliation. For the price of these radar detectors you won’t get the quality from another within it’s price range.

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