How Do Radar Detectors Really Work?

In fact, about 85 percent of people are speeding on a daily basis. Because of technology and the invention of the radar detector, it helps drivers get away from speeding tickets. Ever since the radar detector was invented in the early 1970’s it’s been a must have accessories among millions of people. People are always asking “Do radar detectors work?” Most of the time, yes radar detectors work and saved others including myself multiple times from getting a speeding ticket. Having one of the better radar detectors on the market will make a big difference compared to the cheap off-brand ones.

Well… How do Radar Detectors Work Exactly?

If you looking how a radar detector works you first need to understand what they’re detecting. The concept of tracking a motor-vehicle speed with a radar gun is quite simple. Radar guns use a Doppler radar to check speed measurements. Every radar gun, as well as any other radar, consist two things; a radio transmitter and receiver. As the radar gun sends out a radio signal, which bounces of the target and receive the same signal which can calculate the speed of the moving object.  This radar gun device is used by law-enforcement, as well as other things like measuring the pitch speed in baseball. Although, with advances in technology law-enforcement are now starting to use LIDAR speed guns which can still be detected.

Picking up Radar Signals

This is where a radar detector comes in play. A radar detector is just like your basic radio with AM/FM channels. If you think about it, the world is filled with signals such as radio stations, TV broadcasting, to automatic doors at your local grocery store. As where, the radar detector receiver is tuned to the frequency range to track radar guns used by law-enforcement. Your basic radar detectors really don’t do much good, sending out false alarms and commonly don’t have the range as the more expensive ones.  The most important factor about a radar detector is its range to pick up the frequency of the radar gun. Learn about the different types of radar detector bands <– here.

Choosing a Radar Detector that Works

Choosing the right radar detect can be what saves you from a ticket or getting a ticket. I have found out the hard way buying a cheap radar detector is like have a pair of binoculars that just doesn’t cut it. On top of that most cheap radar detectors will pick up a lot of false alerts like automatic sliding doors found at your Walmart. They also are known to pick up red-lights and other random frequency. Paying a little more to get a quality radar detector would be your best bet, especially if you have a heavy foot.

Some Radar Detector Recommendations

Valentine One Radar Detector

do radar detectors really workOne of the best radar detectors on the market right now would be the Valentine ONE. One unique thing about this radar detector unlike most it scans all the way around your car, instead of just in front of you.  When you are alerted by the Valentine ONE radar detector, it will tell you where to look for the threat and how many to look for. Your average radar detector won’t do that. It’s by far one of the most expensive detectors on the market, but as well one of the BEST.

Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

do radar detectors work You got to love the auto-learning intelligence feature on this radar detector. The auto-learning technology allows the radar to learn and recognize false alerts. With being controlled by GPS if the radar detector picks up the same false alert 3 times in the exact location, it will no longer alert you. Thanks to its database, the 9500IX can alert you of speed traps, red light cameras and speed cameras all across North America. It comes with a USB port to update it as well, so no worrying about it going out-of-date.


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