Best Motorcycle Radar Detector Guide 2017

Getting a  motorcycle radar detector can prove to be one of the best decisions of your life. You will probably end up saving a lot of money, especially if you are the type that enjoys a bit of speeding. However, choosing a the best for motorcycle is never easy, as the number of detectors that exist on the market is staggering and sometimes overwhelming. The best guess is to choose the ones that are produced by important brands, because although they may not be the greatest, if you don’t know much in this domain, they should be able to help you.

In order to help you choose the greatest one and not spend so much time online searching and searching, here are some of our best you can find for motorcycles: 

3 of the Best Motorcycle Radar Detectors 2017

Escort RedLine

The Escort is a well known brand that produces radar / laser detectors today. The characteristics are well known and appreciated by people from all around the world and because it’s worth under $500, it has become quite popular.

The RedLine comes with a variety of features that help it detect all types of speed guns from the traditional ones, to the new laser ones the policemen are using. It also comes with a feature that enables it to be invisible to any types of detectors, so you should stay safe. DSP or the Digital Signal Processing makes sure that all the threats the radar detector finds are real and for those that are fake, they will be ignored.

As for the alerts, the Escort RedLine allows you to program the visual alerts in such a way that you will never miss when the radar detects a threat. An easy to use system allows you to customize up to 8 features of the radar / laser detector. The city mode makes sure that all the electromagnetic waves the radar finds are analyzed and only those that are real and coming from a speed gun will trigger the alert system.

All in all, the RedLine is one of our best radar detectors on the market and it comes for both cars and motorcycles. The fact that it comes under $500 is a bonus.


The Adaptiv radar detector, although not that well known on the market, is one of the best money can buy for your motorcycle. It can help you save up a lot of money due to all the features that can detect any band the policemen use.

The Adaptiv radar detector is described as being great a avoiding false threats and detecting only the electromagnetic waves that specifically come from the speed or laser guns the policemen use to catch you off guard and, besides this, as being a radar detector that is against rain, theft and many others. Using the technology False-Alert-Reduction it alerts you only when it detects a real threat. The Adaptiv also prides itself on having no “microscopic” buttons, which means that when you want to turn off the alerts, it won’t take you so much as before.

All in all, the Adaptiv is  great for your motorcycle, and the fact that it costs only $280 makes it even better.

Whistler Pro-78SE High-Performance

The Whistler is a known brand when it comes radar/laser detectors and in the course of the years, it has created some of the best radar detectors made that money can buy. The Pro-78 SE is no different to that, as the many features it comes with make it a great way to detect and spot any speed guns you may miss at first.

This radar detector for motorcycles is able to detect any speed gun, no matter what band it uses. Once it does catch an alert, it lets you know through both visual and audio effects and the audio ones are not robotic as some radar detectors have, the alerts have human voices. The three filer modes give it the possibility to comb the air for any type of electromagnetic waves and alert you of only the real ones.

Compared to other radar detectors, it is one of our best and the fact that it comes to only $150, it is quite the bargain. You can also check out our cordless radar detectors that will work for motorcycles as well.

All in all, when it comes to choosing the right radar/lasser detectors for your motorcyle, the most important factor comes down to the budge you have to spend. These 3 that we have reviwed are all good for motorcycles and work extremely well. So find which ones looks best and fits your spending limit and pick away and get back on the road and drive safe!

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