Reviewing the Passport Max 2 Radar Detector

Mornings are tough, especially when it’s a weekday and you have to get up for work. Your blankets envelope you like a second skin because they accept you into the fold and you can’t break their trust. Your alarm is possessed and won’t accept that hitting ‘snooze’ more than five times means ‘leave me alone’.

After going through the ordeal of actually dressing your self, you finally en route to work and going little fast because you are a little late. You take a ‘shortcut’ and drive straight into a speed trap. You slam your head repeatedly onto your steering wheel and wish you had an Escort passport max 2 Radar Detector.

The Escort passport max 2 uses Bluetooth technology to link to the ESCORT Live which empowers with access to relevant information that could potentially save your life and your wallet.

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Passport Max 2 Review

  • The Escort passport max 2 weighs about 9.6 ounces and its dimensions are 5.2 x 3.2 x 1 inches
  • Uses Built-in wireless Bluetooth technology that uses a vast network of live feeds via Escort Live application.
  • DSP-A digital Signal Processing (Military grade technology) is used in the modernized Escort receivers which uses a particular way of scanning to identify threads to access danger or hot spots faster and more efficiently. Having an edge on the upcoming threats grants you the grace needed to evaluate and avoid the imminent danger.
  • The colourful OLED displays have great graphics that you can personalize to suit your needs.
  • The Escort passport Max2 is futuristic enough to intuitively be customized to suit your individual preference.
  • This little whiz has high performance laser sensors that deliver warnings promptly and exclusive off- axis fortification
  • All North American cameras and speed trap locations are frequently loaded onto the Passport Max2 defender database. The option of loading your own updates and warnings on the Mark Location Feature allows for more relevant info in real time.


The Escort passport Max2 is crammed with intelligence from a patented Auto Learn technology that uses GPS by locating, learning and rejecting fixed position false alarms. What a smart cookie! This gadget, worthy of Inspector Gadget, must be regularly kept updated by downloading the essential app and tool programs. There is even a Defender Database that you can subscribe to, to be regularly kept up to date on prevalent speed trap and camera information.


A few customers have expressed dissatisfaction in the area of the display and audio. There have also been a few instances where the detector had mounting issues like trying to detach from the windshield mount and all these seem to apply to a select few (the ‘I am difficult to please’ few). These are minor complications when compared to the bigger picture of less traffic offences and fines.


The Escort passport Max2 is a great detector that, according to majority of the customer reviews, excels at locating a signal or multiple signals simultaneously and uses a super-fast alerting system. Therefore, invest in a detector and continue to be one with your blanket. Just be forewarned to be forearmed because if you snooze, you lose…sleep and money. It’s easily on the list of the top radar detectors on the market.

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