Rocky Mountain Radar Detector Review 2016

Rocky Mountain Radar is a well known brand of radar detectors that was founded in 1989 in Chicago. To this day, they have made a name for themselves in the domain of radar detectors, although their products are considered to be a little above the average. Currently, they have six radar detectors on the market with prices ranging from $350 to $200.

Although the Rocky Mountain radar detectors have a reputation of not being so good, mostly due to the events that took place in the past that led to several of the company’s radar detectors being declared illegal and taken off the market, they are worth at least checking out. They come with a lot of features and technologies specifically created to detect any electromagnetic waves given off by speed guns or laser guns belonging to the police. (Click here to see all Rocky Mountain radar detectors)

Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C435 Radar/Laser Detector

Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C435 RadarThe RMR-C435 is another laser jammer / radar detector sold by Rocky Mountain. It offers the same features as the RMR-C475 when it comes to laser jamming, meaning that it has specific technologies that allow it to emit certain electromagnetic waves that are far more powerful than the speed gun to confuse it, while also remaining invisible to other detecting device the police might use. This is an important quality, considering the fact that the laser jammers are forbidden by law in most states and countries in the world.

What is different about the RMR-C435 is that it comes with a technology called Dense Digital Integration or DDI for short. This means that it incorporates more signal processing components within the RMR-C435, which means that the laser jamming function is much more reliable than in previous models. This model also comes with a Micro-Scan technology which helps detect the real upcoming threats faster and alert you from further away than before. When it encounters an alarm, in order to see whether it is real or not, the radar rescans everything faster. This way, if it is real, the threat will continue to emit electromagnetic waves.

All in all, the RMR-C435 is one of the best laser jammers on the market, with many more technologies than the previous models that enable it to detect only the real threats and alert you in no time.

Rocky Mountain Radar C495 Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection

The RMR-C495 is one of the newest models sold by Rocky Mountain and compared to the other models they have in stock, this one combines all the other technologies and brings a few new ones to provide you with the best laser jammer / radar detector on the market.

First of all, the RMR-C495 comes with a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit or MMIC for short, a technology that enables the radar to stay invisible in the face of speed guns. The RMR-C495 is unable to detect X band, but the company states that this way, they have dramatically decreased the level of false threats the radar was detecting and the other bands, the K, Ka and laser are easier to detect. The warnings are in two languages and in a human-like voice, while the display is a Red LED Dot Matrix Display, which makes it much more attractive than the previous models.

The RMR-495 is one of the newest models of laser jammer / radar detector offered by Rocky Mountain, a great one that is bound to save you hundreds of dollars on fines.

RMR-C475 Rocky Mountain Radar Detector

The RMR-C475 is one of the most popular radar detectors designed and sold by Rocky Mountain. Essentially though, the RMR-C475 is not a radar detector, but more of a laser scrambler, which means that instead of solely notifying the driver of an upcoming threat, the radar detector emits a series of electromagnetic waves towards the speed gun to confuse it for a moment, time in which the driver can slow down and avoid a speed ticket. However, in most countries in the world and states in the USA, the laser jammers are forbidden by law.

The RMR-C475 is one of the top laser jammers on the market and among the models offered by Rocky Mountain. It comes with voice alerts in two different languages and a Blue Blacklit Dot Matrix LCD Display where the upcoming threats will appear. Compared to other laser jammers on the market, the RMR-C475 is one of the best at an affordable price.

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