Review on the Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector

Escort is a popular brand on the market of radar detectors and the Passport series definitely contains some of the best radar detectors money can buy. The Passport 9500ix is no exception. It is one of the top radar / laser detectors on the market at the current moment, having lots of features that enable it to detect all the speed and laser guns used by the police to catch the drivers off guard quite early, thus giving the driver time to slow down and avoid spending money on speed tickets.

The Passport 9500ix radar/laser detector is worth well over $450, but once acquired, it is definitely going to help recover every penny by warning you ahead of time and thus, saving thousands of dollars in fines.

In depth review of Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

First of all, the Escort Passport 9500ix is an altogether beautiful and attractive radar detector. It has a beautiful blue OLED display on which the visual alerts appear when the radar detects some sort of an upcoming threat on the road. Besides being attractive and elegant, the display also serves a different purpose. It comes with a GPS that is able to remember all the locations of the speed cameras and the hidden cameras, which means that the radar detector is able to warn the driver ahead of reaching them, without relying on the sensors and the electromagnetic waves given off by these cameras.

Second, the Passport 9500ix comes with a variety of features, among which there is the Truelock / GPS Filter or known better as The False Threat Eliminator. This feature, as the name suggests, is designed to carefully analyze all the electromagnetic waves the radar captures and determine whether they are real, coming from the speed guns and laser guns the policemen use or if they are false threats. This feature does more than this, because once the driver clicks the “mute” button three times, the radar will record the exact frequency and in the future will remember it as being a false threat. This is very useful, as the driver avoids getting warnings when the radar detects the same frequency and treats it as a real threat.

Another very useful feature is the GPS that adapts to the speed of the vehicle. Thus, when on the highway and when the driver is speeding, the Passport 9500ix will work at the highest strength to make sure that no threat will bypass it. Likewise, when the driver is in large cities and the speed is lower, the strength of the radar will be lower, because it won’t be needed as much and the radar will still be able to pick up all the electromagnetic waves or the laser signals coming from the speed guns or the laser guns. (learn about: radar detector bands)

Despite all the wonderful features the Passport 9500ix comes with, there is a downside, as it happens with any product sold on the market. In the case of this Escort model, the downside is the price. This model costs well over $400, which may prove to be a disadvantage to some people. However, considering all the features and how helpful this radar detector can prove to be, the price becomes less important.

Escort Passport 9500ix price: Is it worth the buy?

The only disadvantage the Passport 9500ix presents is the price, because, as mentioned beforehand, it costs well over $400, which is not exactly within the budget a regular driver has for a radar detector. However, considering the design and most importantly, all the features it comes with, the Passport 9500ix is worth every penny and money shouldn’t be an issue if you are planning on buying a great radar detector that will never miss a threat.

9500xi Stats

Design: The Passport 9500ix is a beautiful radar detector with a blue OLED display that is used both for displaying the strength and the type of the signal detected, but also for visual warnings when the radar detects a threat.

Dimensions: 2.9 x 5.4 x 1.4 inches

Weight: 8.3 ounces

Escort Passport 9500ix Bottom Line:

The conclusion is simple. The Passport 9500ix is a great police radar detector that although quite spicy when it comes to the price, it will certainly save you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in fines. If you like to speed a lot, having a radar detector that can give you a warning that a cop is near by would be a smart investment for you.

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